Laser Dentistry in Waterloo, ON

Fast, comfortable, modern dental treatments with laser dentistry in Waterloo from Icon Dental.

Enjoy laser Dental Solutions at Icon Dental Clinic. Using special dental lasers, we provide minimally invasive treatments to address your oral health care needs.

Laser dentistry is a modern solution that provides patients with many incredible benefits. Using precise lasers, we offer faster procedures with shorter healing times.

Turn to Icon Dental Clinic for state-of-the-art laser dentistry solutions. We use laser technology for several different treatment options, ensuring the best experience for our patients. Visit us today for laser dentistry treatment in Waterloo.

What is Laser Dental Surgery?

We use hard or soft tissue lasers to treat several different oral health needs.  For example, we can use dental lasers for gum disease treatment.  The laser gently removes any damaged tissue while also promoting the growth of new gum tissue.  Using the laser dentistry solution, we can address your gum disease faster and help you get back to a healthier smile. Other dental uses for lasers include:
  • Cavity detection 
  • Tooth sensitivity treatment 
  • Tooth decay treatment 
  • Tongue tie treatment
  • Teeth whitening

Benefits of Laser Dentistry Treatments

There are several important reasons to consider laser dentistry. Some of the top benefits of laser Dental treatments include:

  • No sutures required 
  • Minimally invasive solution with shorter recovery times 
  • More accurate treatment 
  • Less pain during the procedure


Our dental team at Icon Dental Clinic prioritizes your dental experience and comfort. That’s why we use advanced dental lasers during our dental treatments. Our dentist in Waterloo is committed to modern dentistry and continued learning, and we’re happy to answer any questions that you have about Dental lasers. 

Enjoy more comfortable and less invasive treatment with laser dentistry and experience the difference it can make for your oral healthcare. Contact us and schedule your appointment with our team today.

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