TMJ/TMD in Waterloo, ON

Modern TMJ treatment services in Waterloo alleviate jaw pain and improve oral function.

If you’re experiencing jaw pain, headaches, or difficulty in chewing, you might be suffering from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder.

At Icon Dental Clinic in Waterloo, we offer advanced TMJ treatment services to provide effective relief and improve your quality of life. Our cutting-edge Fotona laser technology uses Photobiomodulation (PBM), a clinically proven, non-invasive solution. Count on our dental team for TMJ relief today. Book your appointment.

About TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders affect the temporomandibular joints, which connect your jawbone to your skull. These joints are crucial for talking, chewing, and yawning. TMJ disorders can arise from various causes, including arthritis, jaw injury, or chronic teeth grinding. Common symptoms include:

  • Jaw pain or tenderness
  • Difficulty or discomfort while chewing
  • Clicking or popping sounds in the jaw
  • Chronic headaches
  • Earaches or a feeling of fullness in the ears

Advanced Treatment with Fotona Laser and PBM

At Icon Dental Clinic, we provide the most advanced and effective treatments for TMJ disorders. Our Fotona laser technology leverages the power of Photobiomodulation (PBM) to offer a non-invasive and painless treatment option. PBM works by using specific wavelengths of light to penetrate tissues and stimulate cellular healing processes. The process reduces inflammation, accelerates tissue repair, and offers significant pain relief.

Benefits of PBM for TMJ Treatment

Photobiomodulation offers numerous benefits for patients suffering from TMJ disorders, including:

  • Non-Invasive: PBM treatment is entirely non-surgical, involving no incisions or injections. Therefore, no downtime or recovery period is required.
  • Pain Relief: PBM effectively reduces pain and discomfort from TMJ disorders by targeting inflammation and promoting natural healing.
  • Fast and Efficient: Each PBM session is quick, typically lasting only a few minutes. So, it’s easy to fit into your schedule.
  • Clinically Proven: PBM has been extensively studied and proven to be an effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including TMJ disorders.

Enjoy TMJ Relief in Waterloo, ON Today!

Count on Icon Dental Clinic for personalized care to address your TMJ needs. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation to understand the severity of your TMJ disorder and to develop a customized treatment plan.

Don’t let TMJ pain disrupt your life. Schedule a consultation and learn how our advanced TMJ treatment services can help you achieve lasting relief and improved quality of life. Book your appointment today.

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